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There is a truth that exists beyond the illusion of flesh hidden from the eyes of a casual observer.

I began as a zone system black and white photographer. Ansel and Minor photos were mounted on either side of my enlarger. I became an expert darkroom worker and was rewarded with exhibits in European salons. Yet I knew there was more that could be revealed. I packed up my darkroom and focused on ‘seeing’ rather than ‘looking’ and searching for solutions.

The heart of my journey has been feeling the resonances. Experiencing the rhythms. Become a tuning fork of perception that dances with ‘truth'


‘Thrice have I seen the full moon room sitting on a rock in the forest deep. Behold the pearlescent streamside foam whose frothy beauty doth make me weep.’ I stand, spread my arms, and melted into the wind.


Sometimes I succeed.

As the quality of the digital process became deeper and capable of capturing my vision revealing my enthusiasm now translated into action. I fully embraced digital capture.

I no longer present my images on paper trapped by a layer of reflective glass. This glass presents a barrier establishing a divide that removes the viewer from a connection. Rather, I now present my images printed and mounted on canvas and varnished to create a more immediate viewing experience.


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